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The second episode of the world’s most startlingly unique and exciting film podcast NO SERIOUSLY ITS AWESOME is now available to download to the non-brand-specific mp3 player of your choice.

Hosted exclusively by Hey U Guys, every episode of NO SERIOUSLY ITS AWESOME invites a guest to pick a film that they love that either a) everyone else hates, or b) no one else has even heard of, and then discuss the potential merits of said film. It’s about celebrating the unloved children of pop culture, the weird bastard offspring that clutter late night TV schedules and the £3 bins in HMV.

In our second exciting episode, Dale Lloyd, aka @VivaVHS on Twitter talks to your esteemed host Wil Jones. Dale is perhaps the UK’s premiere expert and collector of VHS tapes. If you have any interest in video nasties, sleazy 80s trash or Canon action B-pictures he’s highly, highly worth following on Twitter.

The film Dale has picked however is not something that’s in his usual area of expertise – the 2001 pseudo-sci-fi Tom Cruise vehicle Vanilla Sky. A remake of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes, it was largely lambasted for being a poor photocopy of the original, and also for not making much sense. Tom Cruise was also going out with co-star Penelope Cruz at the time, who tarred in the original version, and it really feels like Cruise just got the film made to impress his girlfriend. You’ve probably seem it, and you probably didn’t understand it, and you probably think it’s rubbish.

But it’s genuinely a lot better than you remember. Cameron Crowe brings a hell of a lot to the project, and once you stop trying to follow the plot the thematic elements are surprisingly powerful.

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Dale is on Twitter @VivaVHS Follow him, he’s awesome. Follow Wil Jones on Twitter at @achinglychic . He is less awesome.

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