Monkeys! Mark Wahlberg! Opposable thumbs! All this and more is in the new episode of No Seriously Its Awesome, the podcast that’s more exciting than James Bond, the Queen and Kenneth Branagh all going on a picnic together!

Hosted exclusively by Hey U Guys, every episode of NO SERIOUSLY ITS AWESOME invites a guest to pick a film that they love that either a) everyone else hates, or b) no one else has even heard of, and then discuss the potential merits of said film. It’s about celebrating the unloved children of pop culture, the weird bastard offspring that clutter late night TV schedules and the £3 bins in HMV.

This latest episode sees host Wil Jones speak to Brendon Connelly, film editor of Bleeding Cool and a veritable veteran of film journalism on the internet.

Brendon’s unloved classic is the 2001 “reimagining” of Planet Of The Apes, from visionary mall goth Tim Burton. A remake of a much loved series, a rushed pre-production and a (sort of) non-sensical ending is the perfect recipe for a hated blockbuster – and despite an all star cast featuring Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Paul Giamatti and Burton’s future wife Helena Bonham Carter, it opened to savage reviews and plans for a new franchise were quickly dropped, with Fox instead deciding to ignore it completely, and reboot the series with last year’s much-better-recieved Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Despite all this, Brendon argues that its a clever, subversive film with excellent make-up – and most controversially he says it’s superior to the original in nearly every way. It’s a slightly truncated episode – Brendon had to dash off so I couldn’t get to my bit on the weirdest monkey movies ever made – but he’s a great guest and we’ll definitely get him back on at some point to argue about Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.


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