Robert Lorenz’s forthcoming Trouble with the Curve has a new UK poster careful to show off the film’s prize assets.

It’s a fairly understated poster but the talent involved is more than enough to sell the film. Eastwood hasn’t been before the cameras since 2008’s Gran Torino and hasn’t acted in a film for another director in almost twenty years; 1993’s In the Line of Fire was the last time.

Lorenz has been Eastwood’s first AD for many years so we expect the fruits of a fairly intuitive relationship between the film’s director and lead. Trouble with the Curve has the ever wonderful Amy Adams and John Goodman as well as Justin Timberlake in the cast and tells the story of a baseball scout on one last talent hunt.

The film is out in the UK on the 30th of November.

Here’s the poster, click it for the full size version.