I don’t want this post to come across like we’re bragging but I love this website so much and feel so proud of where we’ve taken it over the past 18 months. This news is a result of a few fundamental things but one of the most important is you, the reader.

Wikio.co.uk looks at different genre’s of blogs and categories them into the most popular taking into account links from other websites, RSS feeds and various other technical bits and bobs and I’m pleased to report that we’ve not only made the top 10 but have made 2nd on the list!! I’ve placed the list below so you can see the top 20.

I just wanted to thank all our readers and our writers for looking at the site and writing content. We now have a bunch of different ways you can track our information ranging from Twitter to FaceBook to RSS feeds to the daily newsletter (on the right of this post). So tell your friends about all things HeyUGuys and we’ll see if we can hit the number one spot and then try and stay there!

We always want to push this website to the limit of what we can do so if there is anything that you want to see on here that we’re not already doing, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Check out the list below and keep it HeyUGuys! If you want to add your blog to Wikio, you can do so here.

1 Clothes on Film (Ent.)
2 HeyUGuys (Ent.)
3 Mark Kermode’s film blog (Ent.)
4 Philip Bloom (Ent.)
5 Filmstalker (Ent.)
6 Filmshaft.com (Ent.)
7 DVD Movie Maniac (Ent.)
8 ROUND EYE (Ent.)
9 Movie Talk (Ent.)
10 Film Studies For Free (Ent.)
11 Mainlymovies (Ent.)
12 Dave Camp on Film (Ent.)
13 Danland Movies (Ent.)
14 Savage Popcorn (Ent.)
15 891 Filmhouse (Ent.)
16 Judge Minty Fan Film (Ent.)
17 Andy Coughlan’s Screenwriting and Filmmaking Blog (Ent.)
18 Strange Conversation (Ent.)
19 Dumfries and Galloway – Film Review (Ent.)
20 LongRoadFilm (Ent.)

Ranking by Wikio