Casting moves apace for Marvel’s forthcoming Captain America movie. After what seemed like years of teasing us with potentials the lead role finally went to Chris Evans and there’s been a pretty positive reaction to this news.

Now THR are shouting the news from their street corner of the internet that Sebastian Stan has been cast as Bucky, CapAm’s plucky sidekick.

Stan may not be as well known in this side of the world, but roles in US TV series Kings as well as a turn in Gossip Girls (neither of which made much of an impact over here) as well as a role in the Darren Aronofsky psycho ballet movie Black Swan have led Marvel to hoist Stan from the list of possible Captain Americas to play the sidekick plucky Bucky.

The reports are that, like Chris Evans is rumoured to have done, a multi-picture deal has been signed and for a young actor this sort of exposure will do wonders for a career just starting out, although typecasting will be an issue. Until we get to hear more about the film there’s no knowing which incarnation of Bucky Stan will be required to play, so we may see a Winter Solider Bucky, or more likely it will be a less esoteric sidekick role for this character.

Also THR state that the female lead of Peggy is close to being signed, so we’ll know if the rumoured Alice Eve, Emily Blunt or Keira Knightley will be cast, or if another, as yet unrevealed name is on the cards.