Homeland Season 3 hits DVD and Blu-ray shelves today and to mark the release of the fantastic show, we got to spent a day in London learning how to become a spy just like Claire Danes’ character Carrie Mathison in the hit TV show.

With the help of seasoned professional Dave Thomas, David Sztypuljak and their (Alpha) team of crack journalists from varying news outlets learnt how to tail a subject, how to detect a bug how to collect covert data and ultimately how to save the day in this rather elaborate training exercise.

Check out the video roundup of our experience below and if you havent seen Homeland yet, you really need it in your life. You can buy your copy of the show here or click here to enter our competition to win a copy of Season 3 on Blu-ray.

Thanks to Spy Games for making the day possible and for putting up with us being generally dreadful at espionage! Watch out for Pie-Man, he most definitely cannot be trusted!

Homeland Season 3 Gallery

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Homeland Season 3 is out now on DVD & Blu-ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.