The week is almost up and yet there’s still time to deliver another new look at one of the Summer’s most anticipated films, Joss Whedon’s take on Marvel’s The Avengers.

Posted earlier to the film’s Facebook page this new image won’t blow your mind, nor find its way onto your desktop anytime soon, however if you’re keeping an eye on every new slither of Avengertainment this one will be right up your alley.

Here we see Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Clark Gregg as the ubiquitous Agent Coulson looking intently at a screen. And that’s it.

However all’s not lost as it gives us a good chance to point you to all of our other coverage for the film including the Twitter-wowing Super Bowl TV spot, which I have to admit, did look quite fun.

Given the collision of characters here this is likely to benefit from Whedon’s ensemble handling skills and it certainly won’t be as mournfully dark as Nolan’s trilogy ending The Dark Knight Rises.

Here’s your image. Go crazy.

The Avengers Assemble on the big screen on the 27th of April.