A few days ago, Leicester Square TV attended the BAFTA Television Craft Awards and got chatting to the beautiful British actress, Hayley Atwell who we’ve just seen in the ITV TV series, The Prisoner (my review here). During the interview with Leicester Sqaure TV, she talked about her role as Peggy Carter in the new Captain America movie which has the full title: ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’. Peggy is Captain America’s (Chris Evans) love interest.

During the interview, she also confirmed that Tommy Lee Jones would be in the Marvel movie and the rumours going around the Internet are that he’ll be playing General Chester Phillips.

Here’s some info from Marvel Wikia which gives some more info on the character:

General Phillips hand picked 4-F army reject Steve Rogers to become a part of the 1940 Operation Reborn experiment. In particular, he admired Rogers patriotic spirit. Later, Phillips was a part of picking Rogers as the eventual Super-Soldier Captain America. Phillips also oversaw Rogers initial training as well as some of his early missions.

After the fact, Phillips was aware that an unauthorized military group gave the Super Soldier Serum to Protocide, prior to Steve Rogers. As he displayed no life functions, Phillips believed Protocide to be deceased and the General dealt severely with the perpetrators through military channels.

Obviously we’ll bring you more info as we get it but for the time being, check out the interview with Atwell below.