Ben Wheatley’s films are always worth looking out for and his forthcoming A Field in England looks no different.

The trailer we have for you today paints a dour and frantic picture of the effects of war with some intriguing surrealism shining through the cracks. The film has made headlines across the world for its bold release schedule, the film will be available on VOD and DVD with a Television premiere on Film 4 as well as a limited theatrical run – all from the same day.

Those familiar with Sightseers and Kill List will know of Wheatley’s neat take on the dark psychic underbelly of the English  character with psychedelia and the mental ravages of the English Civil war provide a rich ground for thematic continuity.

Can’t wait. The 5th of July is when the new madness starts. See it, because they’ve made it very easy for you to do so.

A Field in England Poster