To celebrate the release of Peripheral, which is out now in the UK on select digital services, we sat down with the film’s star Hannah Arterton to uncover the secrets of this new sci-fi mind-bender.

We all have a differing opinion of technology and our relationships with devices, the internet and beyond, and director Paul Hyett’s new film looks deep into the divisive nature of it all with this twisty, tense, and prevalent new film. Arterton plays Bobbi, a writer who is about to start her second book after the first caused shockwaves through the nation, even inciting riots. Faced with “second-album syndrome”, her publishers offer her help in the form of a cutting-edge editing system that will help her crack the code.

However, with such tools means less control and Arterton chatted to us about the film’s look at loneliness and isolation – something we can all say we have had to deal with like never before in recent times – as well as stifled creatively, modern-day societal pressures of being noticed and making your marks as well as political, social and economical ones as well.

You can watch the full exclusive interview below:

Available digitally in the UK and Ireland on August 3rd.