To celebrate the release of Perfect 10, which opens on select streaming services this week, we sat down with the film’s writer/director and star about the moving new drama.

Set in Brighton, Perfect 10 tells the story of Leigh (Box, in her feature debut), a 14-year-old aspiring gymnast who is struggling to both find her place at the local gymnasiums and living with her neglectful father. Soon, her half-brother Joe (Alfie Deegan) shows up at her house one day to stay despite not knowing he even existed but who soon opens her eyes to the thrill and dangers of moped crime – and growing up.

Riley, making her feature debut, spoke to us about the film’s themes of finding your place at a young age and how influences can alter the course of your life in different ways as well as the challenges of making the film on location in just under a month. Box, who is a revelation in the lead role, told us about being plucked from her local gym and thrust into the world of acting – which hasn’t phased her one bit – and the dangers of teenage years and how they can shape your future.

You can watch the full exclusive interview below:

Perfect 10 is available on Curzon Home Cinema and BFI Player from Friday 7th August.