One of the conversation points in our lengthy, enjoyable chat with David Thewlis, is hoping not to be let down when you meet one of your idols (referring to a time he met The Jam frontman Paul Weller). Incidentally, this was also true of this very interview, for we’re very big fans of the actor, and we certainly weren’t left disappointed after this engaging, entertaining conversation.

Thewlis is promoting his latest film Guest of Honour, where he plays an introverted food hygiene officer who becomes hellbent on securing his daughter’s release from prison. We discuss the character, his research visiting restaurants, and how he’s adapted to life in lockdown. We also ask for an update on Avatar 2 – which he has already shot – as he gives us a little information on his time spent, and whether we may be expecting him back for even more (if they ever get made, that is).

Watch the full interview with David Thewlis below:


David Thewlis and Laysla De Oliveira star as a father and daughter pair attempting to work through their complicated history and personal demons. When a prank goes wrong, Veronica (Laysla De Oliveira), a young teacher, is falsely accused of abusing her position of authority over a 17-year-old. However, she becomes convinced she deserves her punishment for earlier crimes and refuses her father’s (David Thewlis) help in securing her release from prison.

Guest of Honour is available exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema from Friday 5th June.