Having just witnessed seventeen minutes of footage from Marvel’s latest gung-ho action team-up there is still much of the surrounding mystery to Guardians of the Galaxy intact. In fact, we can picture director James Gunn smiling down at us from his director’s chair and saying the film’s tagline straight to our faces: “You’re welcome.” But this small snippet featuring the intergalactic ensemble certainly gave us a lot to be excited about.

Treated to just the one set-piece, we were blasted straight into space and the ominously named ‘Kyln’, where Peter Quill and co. find themselves being described one-by-one by a wonderfully deadpan John C. Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz. While Quill’s enjoying flipping them the bird, Rocket’s giving smart-ass answers and Groot struggling to fit on screen – nothing you haven’t seen from the trailer, then. But after Gamora’s entrance into the prison causes a considerable stir (her father is Thanos after all), things kick up a notch and a little personality is revealed.

Zoe Saldana

Militant orange jumpsuits aside, these guys definitely stand out from the crowd – it’s amazing how much individuality could be gleaned from one, short scene – take a bow, Mr. Gunn. Cooper’s choice of a broader American accent is perfectly suited to the quick-witted and incredibly dry critter and there’s a lot of fun to be had watching him crawl up Groot to assist his combat and shelter him from oncoming fire.

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Talking of Groot, Diesel’s monotone, bumbling character isn’t to be messed with – he’s got a move that combines his twisting bark-like limbs with your nostrils and it isn’t recommended. But most importantly, the pair’s furry and leafy surfaces seamlessly work together to ensure they don’t jar with their human counterparts. In fact, they look so good that you start to take their technologically advanced presence for granted.


Though Quill and Gamora (this gal’s got attitude) are fed up of their surroundings and company, they all have one thing in mind: escape. After a very well-pitched moment of comedy sees Groot dismantling the very thing Rocket is telling the Guardians to dismantle at the end of his rather laborious pep talk, a mix of human and tech-security storm the Kyln. What follows is a very creative fight scene including guns, leaves and somebody’s leg. Bautista also secures himself as the resident badass, a big blue hulk of a thing that takes everything incredibly literally (“nothing can go over my head – my reflexes are too quick”).

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After their escape from the Kyln – Rocket’s a dab hand behind the wheel – it’s quite clear how hard it is to compare the tone to anything else. Sure, it has the usual Marvel snark and the effects are second-to-none, but the inability to initially be reminded of another sci-fi actioner can only be a good thing. Even the extended trailer that mixed Ronan teases and del Toro’s electric mane, hints at romance and more action than you can can shake a stick at left us feeling like we hadn’t learned a thing.

The Marvel secrecy police may have done a stellar job protecting us from GOTG’s hidden layers, but we’re damn sure it’s all going to unfold to a killer soundtrack.


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