Though your first reaction to this news may be, “Seriously?”, it’s actually fairly shocking to think that the classic animated Disney movie has never been remade since first being released in 1941.

Dumbo is of course a timeless classic, and numerous home video rereleases mean that you would struggle to find a member of any generation who haven’t grown up watching the movie.

Well, a live-action remake is now in the works at Disney, with Transformers: Age of Extinction writer Ehren Kruger set to pen the screenplay for the studio. He also wrote the previous two instalments in the popular franchise from director Michael Bay, but obviously seems like an odd fit for this type of project!

Dumbo was Disney’s fourth animated feature after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and Fantasia, and is one of their shortest with a running time of only 64 minutes.

This is one of many live-action remakes that Disney has in the works after the recent release of Maleficent (which recently passed $600 million at the worldwide box office), and the planned sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Kenneth Branagh is currently filming Cinderella for a March 2015 release.

Jon Favreau is attached to The Jungle Book and Bill Condon is developing Beauty and the Beast.

Dumbo follows a circus elephant who is ridiculed for his enormous ears and learns to fly through the help of his only true friend, a mouse. With special effects as good as they are now, a live-action Dumbo could potentially be an incredible creation on the big screen and a great new family film.