Goonies cast June 2010

With a name like HeyUGuys, it’s hard for us to hide our love of The Goonies and after being talked about for years and last week Richard Donner (known by everyone as Dick Donner) confirmed to the world that a Goonies sequel is in the works. We’ll still believe it when we see the cameras start to roll but for now, a fantastic documentary entitled ‘The Making of a Cult Classic, The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies’ has been released on YouTube. Thanks to our Goonies correspondent Andy Petrou for the heads up.

In 2010 the home of the Goonies, Astoria Oregon played host to the 25th anniversary of the movie where many stars from the film gathered to celebrate it’s awesomeness. During that event, the photo you see atop of this post was taken and the documentary was played to a crowd of people who had flown from all over the world to be there.

The documentary is completely unofficial but has fantastic interviews with cast and filmmakers including Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Corey Feldman (Mouth), Richard Donner (Director),  Sean Astin (Mikey), Robert Davi (Jake) , Joe Pantoliano (Francis), Curtis Hanson (Mr. Perkins) and Lupe Ontiveros (Rosalita). If you’re a fan of The Goonies and think you knew all there was to know about the movie, think again! In the documentary you get to hear about Michael Jackson visiting the set, Steven Spielberg shooting gorillas as Second Unit Director and having them break-out of a zoo and stealing Troy’s car. Alas the footage never made it as it got lost…. LOST!?

Back in 2010, Donner said that The Goonies sequel would become part of a Broadway musical. I guess time will tell but for now, check out this brilliant documentary and remember, Goonies Never Say Die!

Source: Ron Fugelseth’s YouTube