A year ago or thereabouts, as well as signing up for his latest jaunt around the Caribbean as Captain Jack, Johnny Depp had two other projects in the pipeline.

One was as Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter in the box office behemoth Alice in Wonderland and the other was as Tonto in a Jerry Bruckheimer produced big screen outing for The Lone Ranger.

The real news on the Lone Ranger project would be the casting of the actor to go under the mask as the Ranger, but Deadline are bringing us news that Depp’s Pirates and Rango director Gore Verbinski is saddling up with intent to direct.

Previously Mike Newell was attached to the project, but Verbinski will finish his duties on the Depp starring Rango soon and is looking to the horizon for his next job.

The script Verbinski would be directing comes from Revolutionary Road’s Justin Haythe and with The Green Hornet in our future perhaps the time is right for this one. Personally I’d rather see Depp in something a bit less Bruckheimery for a change.