Gone Girl has been a hit with critics (you can read our 5* review by clicking here) and the movie looks set to dominate the box office this weekend. So, the news that David Fincher and author Gillian Flynn – who also wrote the big screen adaptation – will be once again teaming up is well worth getting excited over.

It was revealed this summer that Fincher is remaking British TV series Utopia for HBO and that he plans to direct every singe episode of the show’s first production when it goes into production next year.

Well, the filmmaker will now be joined by some serious writing talent as Flynn is set to pen this new take on the Channel 4 drama which focused on the diehard fans of an underground graphic novel. They are drawn into a pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. The new manuscript is much more than just a book and soon the fans find themselves in the midst of a shocking conspiracy.

“I’d pretty much signed off on ‘Gone Girl,’ and I got the message from David — it was a text — ‘Hey, got this TV thing. It’ll take up the next year of your life. Are you in?'” the writer revealed in a recent interview. ““I was like, of course I’m in,” she said. “You don’t even have to tell me what it is. I’m in.” As for why she has decided to tackle the project by herself, the Gone Girl author added: “I don’t want a big writers room, I want a voice.”

Unlike a lot of American remakes of some of the UK’s most popular TV shows (The Inbetweeners was a failure and Broadchurch redo Gracepoint has been met with a very tepid response), this is one which could end up being much better than the series it’s based on. What are your thoughts on the Utopia remake?

  • Ashley

    Am I the only person who thought this film was absolute nonsense?! A try hard dark thriller with obvious nods to scandinavian style… turns out like some glossy sickly american take on a style that comes so naturally in the dark Nordic world. I couldn’t connect or relate to any of the characters, were you supposed to? The lure of the film, that medieval gallow watching lure is the violent, aggressive sex scenes and the ultimate fear we all can feel of losing yourself, being controlled, manipulation…it is the fear that captivates us to watch and in my opinion a cheap trick in the book , once you go beyond the initial fear response in your brain that makes you think it is entertaining the film is really rather shallow , empty , the cinematography was dire…and it went on too long. BORING. If it is supposed to be a comment on marriage, relationships