To celebrate the eagerly-anticipated release of M.Night Shyamalan’s Glass, the conclusion to his Unbreakable trilogy, we sat down with the writer/director as well as two of his stars, Sarah Paulson and Mr.Glass himself Samuel L. Jackson to chat about the “three-quel”.

In the new film, we are re-introduced to Mr. Glass who despite being in a hospital, has one final plan in store: to unite David Dunn (Bruce Willis) with The Horde/The Beast aka Kevin Wendell Crumb, played brilliantly by James McAvoy in 2016’s Split. We sat down to chat with Jackson about returning to the character, Paulson about her character Dr. Ellie Stemple as well as Shyamalan who talks about the changing landscape of comic-book films, if they influenced his story over the 18-year gap and where Glass sits aside them all.

You can watch the interviews below:

Glass opens in UK cinemas on January 18th.