Last night in Paris, during the city’s busiest period that is Fashion Week, we were invited to the beautiful city for a very special event to coincide with the hugely anticipated release of Ghost In The Shell, which arrives in cinemas at the end of March.

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The film, which stars Scarlet Johansson in the lead, is a neo-drenched tech-Noir based on the hugely successful anime film of the same name. And with such anticipation and talk around the film, Paris Fashion Week got in on the act and introduced us to some special costumes and designs that were based around the aesthetic of the film, directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and The Huntsman).

As you can see from some of the photos below, neon is very much the name of the game and the look and feel, and indeed the style, was particularly reminiscent of Nicolas Winding Refn’s sumptuous The Neon Demon. Also it reminded us of Joel Schumacher’s garish Batman films, but that was fleeting and quickly forgotten.

Designers such as Chromat, Cutecircuit, EMEL+ARIS, Silvia Fado, and Wise Wear put their efforts on show and some of them were spectacular – purses with Tetris-like graphics, lasers shooting from parts of others and even a little Mad Max-esque number was on show. We were also treated to a fantastic set from acclaimed musical artist Viktoria Modesta, aka the Bionic Pop Star, who joined in the fun with her own eccentric costume.

Viktoria Modesta AEROCHROMICS Chromat + Emel + Aris

While we sadly didn’t get to see anything from the film (or a whispered appearance from Johansson herself), it has got us even more excited for it and if the aesthetic in the film can match what we saw, we are in for a real treat. Stay tuned for our coverage and review of the film coming soon.

Ghost in the Shell arrives in cinemas on March 31st.