We got an absolutely brilliant and moving first trailer and poster for Gerard Butler’s next film, Machine Gun Preacher, last month and it showed a lot of promise for the film.

These new clips, courtesy of EW and The Playlist, are just as moving as the trailer, and really add to the intensity surrounding this film, making me very much look forward to it 18th November release here. It looks like it could well be one of Butler’s best roles to date.

“In the true-life thriller Machine Gun Preacher, Gerard Butler plays Sam Childers, an ex-biker gang member who worked as an aid worker in East Africa and took on the Lord’s Resistance Army, a military group that forced children to become soldiers and left a trail of human rights abuses”

In real life, Childers was once a drug-dealing biker who then found God and went to work in Sudan, helping to rescue these children from the lives of soldiers. These clips expand on moments seen in the trailer, where Butler is arguing with the man at the bank refusing to give him a further loan, and where he sees the number of children hiding from the military.

In the first clip, he tells the banker just a few of the harrowing stories of the things that have happened to some of the children he’s helping, showing him the pictures he’s taken of them, and still the banker tells him that there’s nothing he can do. And in the second, he gathers up as many of the children as will fit, and brings them inside to stay for the night.

Machine Gun Preacher also stars Michael Shannon and Michelle Monaghan, and is directed by Marc Forster, whose credits include Monster’s Ball and The Kite Runner, from a debut script by Jason Keller, who’s recently scripted the upcoming Tarsem Singh version of Snow White with Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Sean Bean, and Armie Hammer.

The first clip is exclusive to EW, so you’ll have to go here to watch it, and the second you can see below.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwcXHrbHDzg’]