Gassed Up

Gassed Up is released in cinemas across the UK today – and to mark the occasion we had the pleasure in speaking to three of its leading stars; Stephen Odubola, Mae Muller & Taz Skylar.

The latter was also a co-writer of the film as he discussed the film’s genesis and inspiration, while the actors spoke positively about their experience on set, especially important for Muller in what is her first major role. Odubola also speaks about the rap scene in the film, and we ask all three about shooting on location in South London, and whether they consumed any Morley’s. Finally, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass without asking Eurovision star Muller on her thoughts about Olly Alexander flying the British flag this Summer…

Watch the full interview with Odubola, Muller & Skylar here:


Set in London, the film follows a group of young men in a moped gang, who, desperate to make ends meet, have turned to petty theft. At the centre of the story is 20-year-old Ash (Odubola) who is trying to support his younger sister and help his struggling mother. Fighting to balance his pure intentions and the allure of fast cash, he and his friends soon get drawn into the web of an Albanian crime family. He must choose between loyalty to his friends and family, and the draw of a fast, thrilling lifestyle.

Gassed Up is out in cinemas now