From the producers of Stephen Graham’s ‘Boiling Point,’ this week comes the release of the gritty prison drama ‘A Violent Man’, a bleak portrayal of the harsh realities of prison life starring everyone’s favourite hardman Craig Fairbrass and ‘Blue Story’ actor Stephen Odubola.

Steve Mackleson (Fairbrass) is a violent and dangerous prisoner, incarcerated for double murder in a maximum-security prison, and wracked with inner turmoil about his past sins and unquenchable need for carnage. When Marcus (Odubola) becomes his new cellmate, and a daughter he has never met finally requests a chance to meet her estranged father, Steve must reconsider his nihilistic outlook and brutal outbursts. When Marcus becomes the victim of a revenge attack, Steve steps in to save him and they both become marked men, their sentences set to be cut short, the hard way.

We spoke to both Fairbrass and Odubola on the making of the film, being confined to one space, the pitfuls to mental health for young prison inmates and more.

A Violent Man is in UK cinemas from Febraury 4th. Check out the interviews below.