It wasn’t too long ago that everyone was getting excited over the news that Tron 3 was moving ahead.

It came as a pretty huge surprise at the time, especially after Tron: Legacy was far from a box office hit, but it appeared as if costs were being cut to ensure that a follow-up could potentially turn a decent profit.

Well, Disney has now chosen not to move ahead with the threequel. It had never actually been given the official green light by the studio (despite the fact that it appeared to be moving ahead without any issues), but they’ve simply just decided to pull the plug despite director Joseph Kosinski being attached to return.

Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were also set to reprise their roles, but the fact that neither has become a reliable box office draw since Tron: Legacy was released no doubt had a role to play in why Disney decided that a third instalment in the franchise might not be the smartest move. Even so, this is still quite a shame!

The Hollywood Reporter mentions that the studio were interested in casting Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto too.

Disney have enough live-action adaptations of fairy tales and cartoons not to miss Tron 3 too much, but prep had apparently started on the third film, with production expected to begin this Autumn in Vancouver.