class=”size-full wp-image-31716 alignleft” title=”Gael” src=”” alt=”” width=”180″ height=”120″ />Y Tu Mama Tambien star Gael Garcia Bernal is stepping in the ring to play celebrated five-time world boxing champion Roberto Duran.

Variety are reporting that the biopic, entitled Hands of Stone (Duran’s nickname) may also benefit from the added presence of none other than Al Pacino, who has expressed interest in playing the role of Duran’s trainer Ray Arcel. Young Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada (Che: Part Two, The Losers) is also attached to play a key role.

Jonathan Jakubowicz (best known for directing 2005’s Secuestro express) is both directing and producing from his own screenplay, with Duran’s son (Robin Duran Iglesias) on board as an associate producer.

Roberto Duran Samaniego (born 1951) is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. He finally retired in January 2002, with a professional record of 119 fights, 103 wins with 70 KOs. The boxer has actually had a taste of the big screen himself, having briefly cropped up in Rocky II.

Hands of Stone will begin production next spring.