After yesterday’s premiere of Men in Black 3, Will Smith has rocketed to become one of my favourite all-time blokes! He’s always been high on the list for years but watching him yesterday saying hi to security guards, as many fans as possible and generally being an amazing guy, I have a new-found respect for the man who can seemingly do no wrong.

Yesterday, he took some time out of the normal promotional film marketing duties to go and meet Team GB in a great publicity exercise which had him playing basketball, learning to hurdle and how to box with members of our Olympic team. This is a great little video and congrats to the people who made this happen and for doing something a little different to the norm. Best PR exercise I’ve seen in a while!

Men in Black 3 is released next Friday, 25th May. If you missed our premiere interviews, have a watch here including us chatting to the main man himself!

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