I loved the 1985 Fright Night, and remember it well as a perfect double bill with The Lost Boys, and while the latter film has spawned a cult following (and what seems like an endless stream of forthcoming sequels) it appears the time is right for a remake of Tom Holland’s film.

News today from HeatVision updates the casting for this project with two big names to star in Craig Gillespie’s update. Toni Collette will play the mother to previously announced Anton Yelchin’s inquisitive teenager, and Colin Farrell has been cast as the charming neighbour whom Yelchin suspects of being a vampire.

Yelchin was a great pick, and Farrell and Collette seem to be perfect casting for the project,  and while people may balk as Farrell’s casting in particular there’s no-one who can play disturbingly charming quite like him.

Usually I’m against the constant remaking of 80s properties which has become like a sport in recent years, but as the cast gathers together, and with Buffy writer Marti Noxon on scripting duties, this is definitely one to watch out for.

I just hope they use the original poster again.