Göteborg, Sweden – Free Angela and All Political Prisoners was screened at Way Out West 2013 in cooperation with Folkets Bio. This powerful feature-length documentary is centered on the struggle of legendary college professor and civil rights activist, Angela Davis, who finds herself accused in a failed escape attempt that ended in a shootout, four dead and Angela on the FBI Most Wanted list.

Directed by Shola Lynch, Free Angela combines archival material with new interviews including a series of interviews with Davis herself that makes for a well executed film. Through the film, Angela has the opportunity to share her intimate stories and speak out about her actions during that time.

Lynch’s film captivates the viewer, returning them to a troubled time in American history, during the civil rights movement and Angela’s struggle. Her story challenged the perceptions of political freedom in America back then and is as relevant then, as it is today.

Davis’ life and trial gained worldwide attention and support. It’s no surprise why there were various songs dedicated to her such as The Rolling Stones song “Sweet Black Angel”. Angela Davis is an amazing and inspiring woman and this film does an incredible job telling her story while helping younger viewers understand how she came to represent so much to so many.