With TV cliffhangers’ proving to be a source of stress and division among fans, they sure as hell build anticipation to what lies ahead. And the season two finale of Fear the Walking Dead is no different.

As we await for season three, we caught up with everyone’s favourite dispatcher of Walkers, Frank Dillane, ahead of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 DVD release.

Fear the Walking Dead this season upped the gore and action factor. What was the most challenging part of filming for you?

Well, we had that scene where I get attacked by dogs. They strapped up my leg with leather and all that stuff so they could bite my leg. That was pretty terrifying. Although they say bite the leg or whatever, if the dog chooses they could go for the neck.

That was my hardest day filming, that was fucking terrifying. 

Is it quite a fun set though?

It is and it isn’t. It’s a pretty frantic set, to be honest. We shoot so much and there are so many zombies and we’ve got such a massive fucking budget. There’s so much stress with re-writes and all that stuff. It’s pretty stressful, it’s a fun set but it is hard work.

Were you almost disappointed to be in scenes where you weren’t covered in blood?

No, I was actually very happy to get all of the blood off because it was so sticky and uncomfortable [laughs].

I was glad when it came off.

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

How do you mentally prepare yourself for shooting some of the darker and more intense scenes?

It’s okay, I think you just do a little work on your own. I don’t really have a way of working yet, so I am not really sure how I work best.

I am beginning to think more and more these days that the harder you try at anything the worse it will be. It’s just a matter of trusting stuff. Going into next season I am going to make sure I laugh more.

One of the sickest kills featured Nick sticking his fingers into a Walkers eyes. How was it for you shooting that scene?

Yeah, that was alright. The scenes that are interesting to watch are often quite boring to film. The guy had a metal plate over his real eyes. There was a lot of setting up of shots and stuff like that but it was nice.


With season three already confirmed – what can you tell us about it and the script? 

I know nothing mate, I’ve not seen a script. I’ve not heard whispers of what might happen – they keep us in the dark.

Are there times in your day-to-day life you think as the character and ask yourself what would Nick do? 

In my everyday life? I don’t know. Characters often play tricks on actors much more subtle than that. I don’t ask myself what would Nick do but often I find Nick does do things for Frank that maybe Frank wouldn’t have done. Maybe I am being romantic about it.

Certainly Nick has taken a toll on my soul, my identity has certainly been compromised [laughs].

In the past you’ve spoken about a crossover with The Walking Dead. Has there been any progress with that and has it been something you’ve discussed with Dave Erickson or Robert Kirkman?

No – people keep asking. I don’t think there will be a crossover. I don’t really care to be honest. At the moment they are saying no crossover. It would be interesting to see the characters interact though.

Not much seems to scare Nick – what would be your biggest fear in a post-apocalyptic world apart from the Walkers?

Fucking hell, I don’t know! I think I would go full Rambo pretty quickly and wouldn’t mind the apocalypse too much.

So far you’ve worked with Ron Howard and also the Wachowskis. Which directors or other actors are you dying to work with?

I don’t have a list. I would like to work with more of my friends. I would love to work with people I know, people I met along the way rather than big directors and stuff. I think what makes or breaks a film is the relationship between the actors.

I’d be much more interested in getting to share a stage with my friends, like Josh Porter!

Fear The Walking Dead THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is available on Blu-ray and DVD from 5th December courtesy of Entertainment One