20th Century Fox have acquired the adaptation rights to Adena Halpern’s comedy novel, 29: A Novel.

Body swap films come around once in a while, the 80s had Tom Hanks in Big, Fred Savage in Vice Versa and recently  17 Again and 13 Going on 30 continued the trend. 29: A Novel centres on a body-swapping protagonist, and has the potential to be a powerful comedy vehicle for an older Hollywood actress.

29: A Novel tells the story of Ellie Jerome, a 75-year-old woman who has employed every available artifice to remain young. Identifying more with her stylish young granddaughter, Lucy, than with her abrasive middle-aged daughter, Barbara, Ellie’s 75th birthday wish is to be 29 again, for just one day. When her wish comes true, hilarious problems arise, as the young Ellie must create a new persona in order to enter and leave her apartment in a neighborhood where everyone knows the old Ellie. Choosing to let Lucy in on her secret, Ellie persuades her to be her guide on a youthful adventure in pursuit of stylish looks and a trendy life. While the dynamic duo romp through Ellie’s magical day, Ellie’s daughter and her dearest friend, Frida, a 75-year-old worry wart, having decided that Ellie was kidnapped, embark upon their own misguided adventure before the old (now wiser) Ellie returns at the end of her big day

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the book, but by the brief synopsis it does sound like a perfect fit for the big-screen. If an actress such as Betty White, Jane Lynch, Jane Fonda, or even Helen Mirren were to get involved, then it could well be the hit film 20th Century Fox are clearly hoping for.

The Playlist reported this one.