Alex Ganza and Howard Gordon’s Homeland was the show to watch when it made its debut a few years ago. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes made for a compelling lead couple with the slow burn of the mercurial agenda of Lewis’s Brody became clear.

The show has now cut very decidedly from that path, and potentially pushing itself into a new arena; less focused on one person, opening itself up to many threats. Talking to TV Guide Howard Gordon has said of the fourth season,

The story finds Carrie in an emotional space that is very much a continuation of last year’s story, and the spectre of Brody is still felt very strongly,

While Brody may not be around now there’s the added element of Danes’ character’s baby, motherhood a very unlikely path for her to walk in previous seasons. Thankfully Mandy Patinkin will still be around and if the show doesn’t devolve into 24: TNG we should see more of the same tension-filled espionage.

Here’s the new trailer for what’s coming up,

There’s no firm date for the UK airing of Homeland season four, October the 5th is your date to mark off if you’re still playing in the States.