Inception has many things in its favour. Not least Christopher Nolan’s ascendant star, boosted by his dalliance with Batman, and also his cast which features Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Ken Wattanabe, Marion Cottilard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The hype surrounding this one is matched only by its mystery, which the assorted teasers have done little to dispel, and now each new image is poured over for any clue to the film’s nature.

Now we’ve got four new banners to dive into, and while there’s nothing very different to what we’ve seen before – they sure are nice looking.

Seeing that the city calzone is the defining image of the film so far the marketing people have seen fit to plaster the pretty destruction all over these banners, taking away the awe of the single moment and making Inception look like 2012 part 2.

Anyhoo, still very interested in this one. The banners are below and you can click on each to view it all big.

And so, the usual thanks go to IGN for hoisting these ones up.