Cheltenham holds a very special place in my heart as it’s where I spent four years of my lief to attend university. Little did I know that when I was doing my Multimedia Computing degree, it would lead to me thinking up and starting my beloved HeyUGuys! Anyway, here we are now going full circle and Alfred Dunhill and Just So Films have sent us this great new trailer for their new movie ‘For The Love’ which reminded me of documentaries Senna and TT3D from last year. The main difference here of course, is that it’s moved onto horse racing.

Every year in March, Cheltenham would change from being a quite quite town into a hustle and bustling hive of activity as thousands of people descended for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Ladies in massive hats and men in fancy suits would show up to the historic event and to be honest, I loved it! This new movie coincides with the 2012 Gold Cup and asks the question, what would it be like if Sam Waley-Cohen were to win it twice on the spin?

The Cheltenham Gold cup is, to the purist, the greatest horse race in the world. In 2011 Sam Waley-Cohen became the first amateur for 30 years to win the title on his horse Long Run. Over that year, Alfred Dunhill followed Waley-Cohen’s season, from his historic victory to his bid to retain the Gold Cup and become the greatest amateur jockey of all time.

From the trailer, the movie looks beautifully shot and as you’ll see, it does seem to have that same sort of sense excitement that we saw from the two other documentaries that I mentioned above as the music builds and you see the powerful animals thundering to the finish-line.

More on this one as we get it. Have a watch of the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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