MCV are all but reporting that GAME are at the end of the line in the bid for survival.

The rather depressing news comes from the cover of latest trade magazine, which was shown off for the world to see on Twitter. Somber reading for all the employees that read the magazine on the way to work in the morning.

The tweet comes hot on the heels of news that both Microsoft and Activision are pulling games from the shop. Disney/Pixar game, Kinect Rush will not be sold in any GAME store. At the same time we are still waiting to hear whether Activision will be selling Kinect Star Wars in the store. It’s dire times indeed for the retail specialist.

On a slightly lighter note however, news emerges that ASDA owners Walmart are interested in buying the firm, this puts them in direct competition with Curry’s owners OpCapita

The best thing people can do is spend some money at GAME, especially now as they have a fire sale on.