Whether it is a life story told over a Dinner with Andre, a rambunctious and unseen pie fight in the War Room of Dr. Strangelove, the marital benefits of a newly opened chocolate shop in a deeply religious French village, food and film have had some wonderful moments together. To celebrate these we have been asked by JUST EAT, the place to go for online food delivery, to list our ten favourite, and funniest moments of food on film. These, for your delectation, are below.

There are many films that are a pure celebration of food, but some of the most famous, or infamous, moments come in films that are focused more on a purely unconnected subject matter. As our celebration of food, we prefer to look at some of the funniest.

Bon appetit…

10. Hook – Food Fight

hook food fightHook has not aged well, but Steven Spielberg’s Peter Pan sequel (of sorts) is perhaps not remembered with as much fondness as it should be.

The food fight scene encompasses the emotional path of the story perfectly. Robin Williams’s middle-aged Peter has found himself in Neverland, his kids abducted by old nemesis Captain Hook. Peter does not remember his past, however, and no longer knows how to use his imagination.

When the children around him tuck into a feast, Peter despairs of the food he believes does not exist. Finally, the epiphany comes, and a delicious, multi-coloured spread appears before him. Finding his inner child once more, a food fight kicks off.


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