So far we’ve had the 3D hyping trailers to announce the return of Resident Evil to the big screen, complete with a brand new dimension (in terror),  along with the requisite weapon heavy poutfests of the many images and posters which accompanied them.

And there must be people who thought the Resident Evil series has legs enough to stumble on, through death, disease, corruption and extinction to make it into the Afterlife, and, with Paul W.S. Anderson returning to direct, the fourth installment looks much the same as the preceding three incarnations. But in 3D.

So, now, perhaps by way of an apology for the Photoshop fiasco of the last one, five new Resident Evil: Afterlife posters have been unleashed and we’ve gathered them for your heightened pleasure.

They are fairly standard shots, with Milla and Co. brandishing weaponry and generally looking fierce and intimidating.

Except for the last one, that one looks like Mark Kermode sitting on a toilet from the future.

We found these on FilmoFilia, and we have no idea where they found them.