Following last night’s brief teaser for The Flash, The CW has now released a five-minute long trailer which offers up our best look at the new series yet. Not only does it feature plenty of amazing shots of the hero in action, but we also see a cameo from Arrow’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and a whole lot more!

That includes an appearance from villains like Weather Wizard and Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom, the man who is responsible for the murder of Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) mother after travelling back in time to do so.

The special effects appear to be top notch (especially for a TV budget), and the tone of the series looks like a lot of fun to say the least! It also offers up plenty of new plot details and it’s now not in the least bit surprising that The Flash has been given a full season order over in the states on The CW.

The Flash will air on a Tuesday there, and like Arrow, will likely be on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his newfound powers, Barry is shocked to discover he is not the only “meta-human” who was created in the wake of the accelerator explosion — and not everyone is using their new powers for good. Barry partners with S.T.A.R. Labs and dedicates his life to protect the innocent. For now, only a few close friends and associates know that Barry is literally the fastest man alive, but it won’t be long before the world learns what Barry Allen has become…The Flash.