It’s been almost 6 years since we’ve seen the release of a new Muppets movie and even longer since one has hit theaters.  After Muppets’ Wizard Of Oz’s less than stellar TV debut, it became unclear whether or not we would ever see a successful reboot of the franchise.

When the teaser for The Muppets hit a few weeks back, things started to look up.  Immediately it became clear that Disney had perhaps put together the perfect crew to successfully revitalize our furry friends.  Nobody is more well suited to work with Muppets than Jason Segel and the choice to bring in Flight of the Conchords and Ali G Directer James Bobin, was inspired.

Finally now we get an even more in depth look at the new movie with the release of the first full length trailer.  Much like with the teaser, the trailer chooses not to take itself too seriously.  If anything it feels more like Superman trailer than that of a children’s film.  The only unfortunate thing is that we still don’t get a firm idea of the film’s actual plot.  IMDB hints that it is about a tycoon (most likely Chris Cooper) trying to take over their old studio, but  you would never derive this from the trailer itself.

The trailer also chooses to leave out any trace of the barrage of celebrity guest appearances that were pulled out for the film.  This is probably a good thing as one of the best parts of seeing a Muppet Movie, is picking out all the guest stars.  However if the IMDB cast list is any indication of what to expect… then expect awesome!

The film is set for release in late November.

Here’s the Trailer,

Thanks to The Film Stage