Jesus Henry Christ, writer-director Dennis Lee’s follow-up to Fireflies in the Garden will be released in the US next month, and with a cast headed up by Michael Sheen and Toni Collette, it sounds promising.

The film is centred on a young boy, played Jason Spevack (Sunshine Cleaning), looking for his biological father (Michael Sheen), and Apple have debuted the first trailer and poster ahead of its US release.

“Precocious doesn’t even begin to describe Henry James Herman, a petri dish child who writes rabble-rousing manifestos on the nature of truth… at age 10. This boy-genius misfit’s world turns upside down when–to the dismay of the doting single mother who raised him–he embarks on a search for his biological father.”

Recent years have of course seen something of a surge in the featuring of quirky young children in film – think Wes Anderson (anybody else immensely excited for Moonrise Kingdom in May?) – and it looks like this will fit nicely into that niche. When it’s done well (again, think Wes Anderson), it works brilliantly, so here’s to hoping that Lee has pulled it off nicely. I’m a big fan of Sheen’s in particular (who isn’t?), so I’m expecting good things.

Jesus Henry Christ will be released in the US on 20th April, and as yet, no UK release date has been set. I’m inclined to think that this will probably be one we’ll have to wait for on DVD, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. For now, your first trailer, followed by the film’s first poster. You can head over to Apple here if you’d like to see the former in HD.

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