Best known for their work on the small screen, Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show) and Bryan Greenberg (How to Make it in America) are both great in all I’ve seen them in to date, and after starring opposite each other in ABC’s short-lived October Road, they’re set to reunite for the big screen this year in The Kitchen.

The first poster and images have made their way online, giving us a nice first look at the main players of the ensemble comedy, set in its entirety within the titular room.

“In this ensemble comedy set entirely inside a kitchen in Silverlake, a birthday party is about to start.

The party belongs to that of Jennifer (Laura Prepon), who’s about to turn 30. But she is in no mood to party today. She has just left her job, as well as her cheating boyfriend, Paul (Bryan Greenberg). Her sardonic little sister Penny (Dreama Walker) has shown up pregnant and with a life-changing decision to make. And she is pretty sure she is too old to still be living with her creepy roommate.

But her friend Stan (Matt Bush) has put a lot of work into making this party the perfect tribute to her milestone birthday, and she is trying her best to at least have some fun. However, what starts out as a well-intentioned day of celebration quickly spirals into an ill-fated farce, from a misspelled birthday cake to dueling backyard bands and a manic-depressive party photographer. And it is amidst all this chaos that Jennifer is trying to figure out what it means to turn 30 and how to start the next chapter of her life.”

Starring alongside Prepon and Greenberg will be Dreama Walker, noted for her performance in this year’s controversial Sundance-hit Compliance, and Matt Bush (High School), with Ishai Setton directing from a script by Jim Beggarly (Free Samples).

No word yet on when we can expect The Kitchen to hit the big screen, so sit tight and enjoy this first look. As usual, you can click all the images below to enlarge.

The Kitchen Movie Poster