Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon - Orange is the New Black Season 2

It’s been a whole year since we last spoke to the cast of the magnificent Orange is the New Black. No one knew what a hit it would become and now fans are begging for a second season. Fortunately that second season which has 13 brand new episodes begins 6th June which at the time of writing is only 3 days away and we cannot wait!

Our Joe Cunningham was the lucky one who got to watch the first six episodes of Season 2 before anyone else so that he could sit down to chat with two of the stars of the show Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon who play Larry Bloom and Alex Vause respectively. The duo talk about how they were taken by surprise at how great the show was and are extremely grateful to the fans. We also get to hear how the show’s writer Jenji Kohan writes story arcs for her cast taking not only the audience but the cast by surprise and how Season 3 is already well under way!

If you’ve never seen Orange is the New Black, now is the time to start watching as you’ve only a few days left before Season 2 lands on a Netflix device near you! Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Taylor Schilling and Danielle Brooks tomorrow.

Who’s excited for more Orange is the New Black?!