If you thought Stephenie Meyer’s treatment of vampires showed a blatant disregard for the age-old myths that preceded it, you should probably steer clear of Isaac Marion’s Twilight-trumping Warm Bodies. And cinemas next August.

Taking everything we know about the walking dead and beating it back into Hell with a couple of Queen-infused pool cues, Warm Bodies is the story of one particular zombie who shrugs off his cravings for human flesh long enough to fall in love with Teresa Palmer.

Writer-director Jonathan Levine is helming the adaptation, with Nicholas Hoult starring as our resident Zombeo, R, alongside Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco and Cory Hardrict.

The first promotional image for the movie can be seen below (via Shock ‘Til You Drop), ahead of the film’s August, 2012 release.

Have you read Marion’s source novel? Think we are being a little premature in our cynicism? Let us know below.