We got the first trailer and poster for the upcoming film Dream House back in July, and though the trailer would appear to be somewhat spoiling the plot, it was a great look at the film, and the poster is fantastic.

Now, courtesy of Yahoo, we’ve got our first clip from the film outside of the trailer, showing Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz clearing up after some kids they find squatting in their basement.

The basic premise of the film, spoiler-free, is fairly generic as thriller/horrors go, with a family – Craig, Weisz, and their two daughtes – moving into a new home and finding out that its past inhabitants were brutally murdered. But I must admit that I do quite like the look of the trailer, as free from spoilers as it isn’t, and I’m quite looking forward to seeing the film.

Directed by six-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan (In the Name of the Father), and written by David Loucka (co-writer of the upcoming House at the End of the Street), and also stars Naomi Watts as a neighbour of Craig and Weisz’s. The film is scheduled for a 30th September of release in the States, and though there’s no news yet of a UK release, it will hopefully just be a matter of time before it comes out here. Given that its three lead stars are all British-born, and its director is Irish, and all have made a big name for themselves here, the film should have a fairly decent audience in place here, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. For now, enjoy the new clip, entitled, Who Is Peter Ward?