Here’s something new for you HeyUGuys readers! This rather nice informative video gives you all the information you’re going to need about what you should be watching at the cinema. April is just around the corner and we have bank holidays coming out of our ears (definitely not complaining!) which means more time to go to the cinema! The Big Picture is five minutes long and is your one stop guide (other than HeyUGuys of course!) into all you need to know about film.

The Big Picture is written, produced and presented by our friend Simon Thompson in association with DMS.

In the April edition, we get to see previews of HOP, Mars Need Moms, Thor, Source Code as well as looking at their DVD & Blu-ray pick of the month which this month is The Social Network.

  • Johnny5

    What a great video! I’m laughing all the way to the box office!

  • Johnny5

    What a great video! I’m laughing all the way to the box office!

  • sean

    great stuff

  • Zoltantheincontinent

    this look great – thanks

  • robbie

    interesting selection of titles could be much longer though – keep it updated please

  • justageek

    It looks and feels and sounds like a proper TV show. I like this alot.

  • Cindymay858

    this is very interesting – would be good to have more arthouse pics

  • smurf

    good work guys looks great 🙂

  • I’mNotSpartacus

    This is great and just the right length too plus I love the narrative. Are you going to be running this on a regular basis? I hope so as it’s much better than some of the movie shows on TV. Mars Needs Moms looks quite bad though so that’s the only one I won’t be paying to see.

  • Jeangeniejoe123

    like this alot – woudl be great to have more films and perhaps DVD reviews ? what about interviews with the directors etc

  • Lizzie

    I’m very busy and don’t have the patience to sit thru long videos – this is just right for me! Also really appreciate that it doesn’t try to tell me if a film is good or bad, just what its about. I hope this becomes a regular feature?

  • Petegunner341

    this is good I like it but would be good to get a critical review ratehr than just clips but cretainly very neat and crams alot into a very small space – lets have nore please

  • Clairedunmore231

    looks good more please

  • Nu Identity

    Pretty damn good content. Please add more films and let us know if they are actually good or not.

  • Jaga

    Hope this is a regular feature, the video’s look great!

  • Jasonthomas1X

    interesting but needs to be longer too much like an advert – I like the fact there is no stupid presenter and its just movie footage – but are the movies any good – I think we shoudl be told !! more please !!

  • Todd

    Loved it, hope it is available weekly. Sign me up!

  • Mayonthemoon

    LOOKS GOOD MORE PLEASE – opps im shouting

  • scaredit

    In a world full of natural disasters and terrorism this video gives me hope and light in an otherwise dark and cruel world THANK YOU soooooo much dms
    X X X

  • Kyle Reese

    Loved this show, really slick and now I want to go and watch all of these movies! Spot on!

  • Ben Hayward

    this is what im talking about, reminds me of movies, games and videos in the 90’s – the good old days – would watch this on tv, better than most of the stuff on there! looking forward to May!