There is just one more day to go until we get to find out exactly why we never went back to the Moon with Gonzalo López-Gallego’s Apollo 18’s searing indictment on the socio-political consequences of NASA budget cutbacks.

Or more likely it’ll be a lunar version of Paranormal Activity which is pretty much what is promised here in this final trailer. Usually when a film isn’t screened for the press it bodes badly for the final product however into an open mind floods the notion that there’s something special on offer here and the new trailer promises a twist filled final ten minutes that any advance word would ruin. Yeah. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Here’s your trailer lunartics,

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and a TV spot which really does ruin one of the film’s scares, but hey – I bet they’ve got a bagfull of these in their film.

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Yahoo had the last one.