Not only did Adam Green bring the world premiere of Hatchet II to Frightfest, he and Joe Lynch also announced the news that they had secretly been working on a new film and that it was almost finished.

The film is a horror anthology entitled Chillerama and centres on a Drive-In theatre that is closing down. The owner of the Drive-In, Cecil Kaufman, decides to show a selection of the “most f****d up movies” on the final night. This linking device pulls together the four short films (possibly around twenty minutes each) which are directed by Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan.

Green and Lynch also stated that they are planning on touring the film and recreating the Drive-In experience which sounds wonderful. Let’s hope they find a way to do it in the UK too.

Just to recap the four shorts are…

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein (Adam Green) – Hitler (Joel David Moore) creates a Jewish Frankenstein monster (Kane Hodder)

Zombie Movie (Joe Lynch) – A throwback to 70s/80s zombie movies Joe Lynch provided the tagline “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will f**k the earth.”

Wadzilla (Adam Rifkin) – In Wadzilla there is a “Giant sperm trying to inseminate the Statue of Liberty”.

The Curse of the Werebears (Tim Sullivan) – Not bears in the grizzly sense. Bears as in the ‘bear community’.

During Frightfest Adam Green showed his section of the anthology. Here’s a brief review of the film. (Contains what could be described as spoilers although I don’t give away the whole plot or the best gags).

(Bear in mind that the film we were shown was not the finished product but looked very close to it.)

In The Diary of Anne Frankenstein Hitler (Joel David Moore) creates a Frankenstein like Jewish monster (played by Kane Hodder) with a very funny name. The film is all in black and white, in German and with artificial scratches, film damage and messy reel changes. The sets are also very cheap looking and are obviously sets, adding to the vibe of the film as a lost exploitation picture. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein is a comedy so don’t expect anything like Frozen here but watching the film I was struck by how good Green is at comedy, really good. The film is hilarious. The Frightfest audience appeared to also absolute love the film judging by the laughter and applause. Probably one of the funniest parts of the film is the fact that despite the film being in German Joel David Moore is clearly not speaking German and what he’s saying has no relation to the subtitles ‘translating’ his dialogue. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein is absolutely fantastic and incredibly funny. I can’t wait to see it again and am really looking forward to checking out the anthology when it is released next year.