We’ve made it no secret that we love everything and anything to do with Back to the Future. Many people may not know that Michael J. Fox wasn’t originally intended to play Mart McFly in one of the best movies ever made. In fact Eric Stotz was first in line to play the time travelling hero in the movie. He even shot for five weeks before director, Robert Zemeckis realised that he just wasn’t proving the comedy angle that was required for the Back to the Future that we now know and love.

After five weeks, Zemeckis showed producer, Steven Spielberg the footage they had collected and Spielberg agreed to change the actor to Michael J. Fox with both of them persuading Universal Studios to shoot those five weeks worth of scenes again.

Watching back now, Eric Stoltz must feel rather sad that it asn’t him that got to play the iconic character but then, i guess he’s had 25 years to get used to it! One of the special features on the brand new blu ray which is being released 25th October is the following featurette which shows Eric Stoltz in many of the scenes that you’ll be familiar with.

In other news, I’ve had word from Universal Studios that the theatrical re-release of the movie is fast approaching the £1m mark at the box office. If you’ve not been to see the movie at your local cinema yet, make sure you do as it’s been completely remastered and looks and sounds phenomenal! I’m going again tomorrow night and am very much looking forward to it!