There are few movie franchises as enduring as the high-octane thunder road antics of the Fast and Furious family. Fulfilling their protagonists’ ambitions, the Fast & Furious brand has grown from a single movie to a media empire in just over twenty years. From the series of hit movies and spin-offs, to short films, an animated series, numerous live shows and even theme park attractions – this franchise show no signs of hitting the brakes.

Indeed, audiences are keener than ever to keep up with the roarsome ragtag band of road-ripping rebels. The first sparks of the dizzying heights to come were visible in Rob Cohen’s propulsive 2001 film, which began as a Gary Scott Thompson story and starred Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster. Since their inauspicious debut the family has grown, the cars have gotten faster and the stunts are exponentially more dangerous and (literally) out of this world. So, the sky’s the limit – what’s next?

Enter – the Fanhome Fast & Furious legendary Car Collection – for the Fast & Furious fan who is looking to bring the larger than life film series home. We’ll let Fanhome introduce this great new collection…

You’ll know the name Fanhome, we’ve featured them before here on HeyUGuys when we looked at their stunning Star Wars vehicles and Marvel Movie figurines. Their latest collaboration with the team behind Universal’s monster hit series makes complete sense. Fans of the films love these cars, they covet them and they know how much care and love is taken on the build, the maintenance above and below the hood. Fanhome have taken these dream machines and are bringing the same love and attention in creating the ultra detailed 1:43 scale models of all your favourites street racers from the series.


No matter which of the road racers are your favourites, from the ’95 Mitsubishi Eclipse¬† and the gorgeous ’67 Ford Mustang Fastback – all the way to the icon Dodge Charger, Fanhome’s collection has you sorted. Their website has a great view of some of the cars available – so check it out to find out more.

Every issue of the subscription brings you a new scale reproduction with Die-cast metal and ABS plastic, hand painted with rubber tyres and rotating wheels. They’re officially licensed too, so you can be sure of the accuracy of the detail in every car.


That’s not all – another of the benefits of Fanhome’s commitment to their services comes in the form of the magazine and extras you’ll receive as a subscriber. Each delivery means you get an in-depth look at the films, the cars and the grand history behind each and every one. Together the subscription builds into quite the desirable collection.

Some of the extras are below, as well as enticements for upgrading your subscription. One of the things we loved is the diorama from the Fast Five heist – one of the scenes that showed off how outlandish the stunts of the series would become. The fans loved it – and the films, appropriately, overturned convention and become genuinely bigger and better as time has gone on. This Fanhome collection is a great addition to the saga. fanhome-fast-and-furious

We spoke to series director Justin Lin on taking the action to new heights.

As always, the best place to find out all the information and how to begin your subscription to The Fast and Furious Car Collection on the Fanhome website.