Marvel has come a long way since it took a chance on Iron Man fifteen (!) years ago. Over the past decade and a half, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to dominate the movie landscape like nothing else before it. With the recent release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the MCU’s Phase 5 kicked off in fine fashion, and the future has never looked brighter. Dozens more films, TV series, cartoon spin-offs are set to expand the MCU even further, and that’s not counting the Multiverse madness yet to come.

Since 2008’s Iron Man, long time comic book fans of Marvel have been joined by the millions of new followers, who first saw the iconic Avengers on the big screen. Those new devotees have taken the dozens of heroes and villains to their hearts with a fanaticism few movie franchises have enjoyed. Part of what makes the MCU so special is the love that is passed on from creator to the fans, evident in the excitement and passion aroused when a new trailer appears, or a rumour about a long-awaited `fan-favourite character about to appear.

And in that vein, we have a close look at something every Marvel fan will want to be a part of.

Fanhome‘s Marvel Movie Figurines Collection

We’ve been given the chance to take a look at a new range of figurines based on the celebrated MCU characters, with Fanhome‘s Marvel Movie Figurines Collection. Marvel Movie FigurinesMuch like their recent collaboration with the iconic Star Wars Starships and Vehicles, Fanhome are putting their artistry and love of all things Marvel into what promises to be an intriguing and handsome assemblage of Avengers old and new.

Each of the figurines are intricately detailed, high quality, original in-house designs – you won’t find these anywhere else. With every new arrival your collection will grow with a 1/16 scale representation of the character’s MCU appearance, often in classic poses. Keen-eyed MCU fans will be able to cast an eye over the poses on display here and know instantly which battle, and from which film, the poses were chosen.

You can find out all about the collection, and how to sign up – right here. And take a closer look yourself with the short promo video below, and then we’ll tell you about everything else you’ll receive as part of your subscription.

As well as the highly detailed metallic resin figurines in each arrival, your subscription comes with a magazine detailing the character from their origins in the pages of a comic book to the journey on the silver screen. Part of what makes each of these character so beloved is their storyied history, and the great love and care with which they have made the leap to the movie series. These magazines will bring each arrival’s character to life with the same appreciation and attentiveness.

Marvel Movie Figurines Magazine Capt America
In these accompanying magazines you’ll not only learn about the character, but go behind the scenes with the creative team charged with bringing such beloved heroes and villains to the screen. We’ve spoken to almost every actor, writer and director of the MCU over the years and there is always a palpable love for the character, and a genuine sense of responsibility. If you’re a Marvel fan you’ll know and appreciate the care that is taken here.

The Marvel Movie Collection Magazine is as much a part of the collection as the figurines themselves, and over the months you’ll grow an indispensable library of information you’ll want to return to again and again.

But that’s not all –

As part of your subscription you’ll also receive special extras such as bonus figurines (such as Rocket Raccoon as seen here), a display stand, posters and more.

And if you want to upgrade your subscription, you’ll be rewarded with these Iron Man variations as a Premium Subscriber.


This seems like the perfect subscription for any Marvel fan wanting to build a distinct and diverting collection. There is more to see, including how to start your subscription and what else you’ll receive right here at the Fanhome website.