Every now and again, there are movies we don’t get to see and we don’t get to review for you. One of our readers, Clare noticed that we didn’t have a review of Steetdance 3d (directed by Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini) so sent one into us. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is our first fan-based review of Streetdance 3d. Thanks for sending this in Clare.


StreetDance 3D is set in London and involves a talented dance crew that win a place in the UK’s streetdance championships, only to be deserted by their leader Jay (Ukweli Roach), five weeks before the competition. With Carly (Nichola Burley) as their new leader, the crew try to continue practice with their heads held high, but struggle to find the money and space to achieve this. They are given a break, when Carly meets ballet schoolmistress Helena (Charlotte Rampling) at the Ballet Academy. Helena recognises Carly’s passion for dance and offers to provide a dance studio for them to rehearse in, on the condition that Carly and her crew integrate some of her ballet students into their routine. As you can imagine neither group is happy with this idea but are forced to work together to create a final masterpiece to perform in the streetdance championship finals. There are many challenges and disagreements along the way and the two groups struggle at first to work in partnership. However they later learn to act as a team and strong friendships are made.

The story-line is a little predictable throughout the movie, however the dance scenes are incredible and certainly not likely to disappoint. The movie includes a number of talented acts from popular UK shows including, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ stars, Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson and of course the remarkable Akai from ‘Got to Dance.’ The dancers are accompanied by a variety of popular sound tracks that had me tapping my foot all the way through the movie. There are also some great 3D effects, especially towards the end of the movie as we are able to witness a dance-off between two of the acts and then later on in the final performances. Although the 3D effects are a bonus, they are not a necessity and the movie would still have the same enjoyment factor and effectiveness in 2D.

StreetDance is unquestionably a feel-good movie that is targeted more at a female audience. It encompasses a mixture of excitement, romance and high-quality dance acts that will keep you entertained throughout!