A major casting addition has been made to the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead today as it has been revealed that British actor Tom Payne will play Paul Monroe/Jesus.

Despite the name, he doesn’t have delusions of being The Second Coming; “Jesus” is simply a nickname he was given for his physical similarities to the Biblical figure, and Payne has a recurring role in season six with an option to return in the already confirmed seventh.

An actor was recently spotted by TMZ on the set of The Walking Dead who was the spitting image of the character, so that was more than likely Payne, an actor best known in America for a stint in Luck and on this side of the pond for lengthy run in BBC drama Waterloo Road.

Here’s how the comic book version is described by The Walking Dead Wiki: “Paul Monroe, more commonly known as “Jesus”, is a main character first encountered in Issue 91 of The Walking Dead and is a survivor and resident who lived in a community called the Hilltop Colony which held almost two hundred other survivors. Paul now resides in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, but eventually was forced back to the Hilltop Colony. While initially mistrusted by Rick Grimes and his group, he eventually gains their respect as a valued comrade.”

Jesus being cast is quite possibly a sign that we will soon see Negan in the series, a villain the character seeks out Rick’s help to bring down. Who and what else are we hoping to see in this season of The Walking Dead? Well, you can find that out by clicking right here.